**SALE** Made By Book

**SALE** Made By Book

Made by… the Credit Crunch ushered in a new age of austerity, this has added impetus to an already growing trend in radical DIY. During a time of austerity there might be a feeling of hopelessness and by doing positive things; taking control of the situation and by doing things for yourself we might feel better.

Made by is a collection of personal items which give you satisfaction and wellbeing through having made it yourself.

The instructions guide you through a basic credit-crunching collection – including bags, wallets, watches, usb sticks, belts and laptop cases – made from everyday tea towels. It’s not a collection of pattern books; it’s an inspiration. You can progress onto making the items from any fabrics you choose. But you can eventually say, ‘This was made by…’

How often have we been given tea towels as a gift from that friends holiday to Spain for looking after their goldfish, this collection inspires you to recycle these everyday objects, making things for yourself, re-making broken items such as watches and belts, and  making them personal out of your own recycled tea towel.  And making a bag that you would buy in a shop, out of 3 tea towels and some basic fabric glue – If the tea towels were free then it could cost as little as £2 to make and only 30 minutes of your time, but you would be proud you made it yourself.

  • Contains illustrative, phototgraphic and descriptive guide on how to make a bag, belt, watch strap, wallet and laptop sleve all simply from Tea Towels.
  • For all ages – some may require help cutting and gluing.
  • Book is A5 in size
  • printed in Scotland from FSC aproved recyced paper
  • ships 2-5days



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