New Product Development

June 05, 2013 Andy Murray


One of the first products I designed and made was the sea defence light...So after much thought, scribbles and rendering i decided it was time for a few changes to it. One of the key features of my products are the materials I use. With the original light the wire was hidden inside, I felt this should be on dispay since it is not just an ordinary cable, its colour is carefully selected to complement the birch is a luxurious braided cotton.



Also decided to move away from the steel base plate as this involved enegry intensive water jet cutting I know this is fun but I had to find a process that took less time and enegry to create so make a matching wooden base cut down the number of different materials. Now having access to the MAKLab in Glasgow, I can now cut the material on their CNC Routers, look out for them opening in a city near you. - hosts a wide range of digital fabrication tools, offering people low cost access to equipment and knowledge to advance what they make.


Also offering the light in a new height of aprox. 1.65m and a depth of 57cm.




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